David Curry

Couples Therapy

Stop suffering through the endless arguments.

Does this sound familiar? You and your partner have been arguing a lot lately. The arguments go round and round. Nothing gets resolved and you’re left feeling frustrated and alone. Sometimes you wonder if you even matter to your partner anymore. You feel disconnected and desperately want to feel close again. You worry about the future of your relationship and wonder if things will ever get better. 

What if, instead of feeling frustrated and alone you felt heard, validated, and understood?

What if, rather than arguments spiraling out of control, you could turn to each other for reassurance and connection?

On average couples wait six years before they get help. Why wait?!

You deserve the relationship you long for. And I would love to help you create it.

My Method:

I select my method by the model of counselling that best suits your unique dynamic, but the models I use mostare, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Imago Therapy, Trust-Oriented Therapy (TOT) and Focusing-Oriented Therapy.

Couples therapy also offered online

Skip the commute. Cancel the babysitter. Therapy from the comfort of your home.