David Curry

About David Curry, MTC

Hi, I’m David.

I’m a professional relationship therapist available in-person and online in North Vancouver. I’m passionate about helping couples and singles create happier lives.

Why do I focus my practice on relationships?

Because our relationships are vitally important to our general health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Here is what I deeply believe and hold to be true both in my life and in my work:

Yes, right now, as you read this, whole, complete, and enough. Not after you change something about yourself, and not after your relationship improves. Today.

I’m telling you what I belive because it’s important you know what you’re getting if you decide I’m the therapist for you.

Here’s what I believe you’ll find in me.

Please know that I’d love to work with you. I’d love to learn about your world. I’d love to hear what makes you who you are. And I’d love to help you to create the life and the relationships you long for.

Professional Credentials